Hey everyone, this is my first post to our forum, so please let me know if I am doing anything out of the group's SOP.

I was wondering what all has been done with local libraries around the state. My local branch of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Public library system has perhaps the worst computers I have seen that are still capable of functioning. Maybe they have some plans now that the levy has passed, but these are user terminals that people sign in for internet and catalogue use. There is a larger network that each branch is a part of since they are all connected to the main branch, but I am not sure if these terminals really have much if anything to do with this system. Anyway, I thought maybe the team had some experience in perhaps getting some computers like this up and running in some of the libraries around the state. Perhaps it has been done in stand-alone libraries that don't worry so much about networking, but I was thinking that my branch might be able to find some pretty cheap computers if they were not so worried about software.

I look forward to the responses, thanks.