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Thread: All Cannon Printer Driver (LBP3200)

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    Re: All Cannon Printer Driver (LBP3200)

    Hello tora201

    3) copy everything (just to be sure) from: /user/lib/cups/ to user/lib64/cups <---needed because the driver doesn't put all the files we need into lib64! (naughty, Canon)
    Are you sure that it is /user/lib/cups and /user/lib64/cups ?
    Probably : /usr/lib/cups and /usr/lib64/cups
    As far as I know, you must create /usr/lib64/ before copying.


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    Re: All Cannon Printer Driver (LBP3200)

    Lost patience with 64 bit version of CAPT and went 32 bit.

    I know mine is a 6200, but wondering if anybody has a similar problem. Immediately more of a success for 32 bit following instructions from the Wiki. It now works (after manually running ccpd daemon) The problem is it prints just one job. After that, nothing; nada; naught....

    If I want to print again, I have to re-boot, and then manually run the ccpd daemon.

    Thoughts? Somebody must have some idea?


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    Wink Re: All Cannon Printer Driver (LBP3200)

    Hi, some days ago I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 10.04 to the newer Ubuntu 12.04. Everything went very well, and after some configuration I felt satisfied. Only a thing created some head scratching: my Canon printer LBP3010 could not print!
    After some unsuccessfully attempts to make the driver functioning I decided to make some researches in Google. I tried all possible drivers, deb packages and following strictly all posts that I fount in the Internet, but... nothing, my printer seems to be dead!
    My last chance was to recompile from source. First with unsuccessful results, due to many error that occurred during the compilation procedure. Again, after some head scratching and a few sleepless nights analyzing the source code, I get the right solution and now I have my LBP3010 fully functioning.

    Note that the following procedure is valid for a 64 bit machine.

    uname -a gives
    Linux toni-laptop 3.2.0-32-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 26 21:33:09 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    In the following I will show the procedure that I followed in order to get the printer working.
    First I downloaded the last driver package I found at the Canon web page:


    Now the procedure to compile.

    First step
    1) extract the tar.gz package to a folder of Your choice;
    2) cd Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V240_uk_EN/Src/
    3) untar cndrvcups-capt-2.40-1.tar.gz and cndrvcups-common-2.40-1.tar.gz
    4) cd cndrvcups-common-2.40/
    5) gedit debian/control and change "i386" with "amd64" al line 9, save and close file
    6) dpkg-buildpackage.

    At the end of operation 6) You will find cndrvcups-common_2.40-1_amd64.deb package in Src directory.

    7) install it (required for the next compilation steps) with the common
    sudo dpkg -i cndrvcups-common_2.40-1_amd64.deb

    Second step
    1) cd cndrvcups-capt-2.40/
    2) gedit debian/control and change "i386" with "amd64" al line 9, save and close file
    3) gedit debian/rules and uncomment line 172 which will results, then, in
    # dh_shlibdeps
    Save and close
    4) gedit statusui/src/ppapdata.c and add the header (this is to define variable ppd_size_t)
    #include <cups/ppd.h>
    save and close file.
    5) gedit cngplp/ and add "AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])" at line 9, save and close
    6) gedit cngplp/ and add "ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS=-I m4" at line 5, save and close
    7) run the following commands in the cngplp directory:
    8) cd ..
    9) dpkg-buildpackage

    At the end of operation 9) You will find cndrvcups-capt_2.40-1_amd64.deb package in Src directory.

    10) install it with
    sudo dpkg -i cndrvcups-capt_2.40-1_amd64.deb

    End of procedure.
    From this point You should follow the printer configuration steps as stated in the previous posts.

    I hope this will help the Ubuntu Community.
    Kind regards

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