Whilst I did give up on an earlier machine and video card, I'm pleased to report some success with old NVIDIA gear at last.

At the weekend, I got another old desktop tower but with a slightly higher spec that my previous and a GeForce2 MX 400.

I installed 9.10 i386 normally, then ran a total update manager from my ISP's Ubuntu mirror, then installed the NVIDIA '96 driver FROM the mirror (not from NVIDIA's site - though that might have worked just as well).

I have now been able to select 1280x1024@60Hz on a Hansol monitor. It was a bit hard on the eyes because of flicker (even at 60Hz? Hmmm?) so I backed off to 1152x960@auto refresh, which was fine, and a welcome extra from the 1024x768 which seemed the only option until I got the proprietary driver to work.

Actually, I am still chasing one small issue. I clicked System/Preferences/Appearance/Visual (to turn 'normal' to 'none') and thought the machine had frozen. It hadn't but was sucking up "101%" CPU for a while. That happens on my 9.04 Toshiba laptop too, so it's nothing to do with NVIDIA or 9.10

I like to add System Monitor to a panel and preference everything on, so I can easily see when the machine goes a bit nuts!

Good luck folks, but I think you are really struggling with the older NVIDIA cards that are supposedly supported by the '71 driver set that is no longer (currently) part of the 9.10 distro. I'd try my RIVA TNT2 in my latest tower (using the NVIDIA site), but I'm tired of reloading U910 umpteen times, so I'm now into "not broken so don't mess with it"!