Sorry to report that I've reached the "give up" point. As I salvage bits from old desktop PCs, I have several old video cards. I've tried 9.04 and 9.10 with Voodoo3 3dfx, NVIDIA RIVA TNT2, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200, and the motherboard S3 ProSavage8 chip. Everything works in part, but they all are flawed in some way. I get instant total freezes, automatic reboots of the X server, etc etc etc.

The PC itself is not, on paper, too bad: 2x512MB DRAM, 1.7GHz P4, and it has multipassed Memtest86+. But it doesn't owe me anything - it was all free as in $$s!

Warning: some of the below might be in error; I confess I did not take notes!

I never got the TNT2 NVIDIA drivers to run properly. It is easier with 9.04 because that card does seem to need the 71 package, which seemingly has been dropped from the 9.10 distro - 96 does NOT support that card. Using 9.10 and the NVIDIA site driver, I got:

ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display

and so just the single "nvidia-settings Configuration" option on the left of their tool.

Using 9.10 and the GeForce2 card, and therefore the 96 package I got the whole nvidia tool options, and DID correctly discover the monitor, and DID offer more than 1024x786 resolution, but using the tool to set eg 1280x1024x60Hz usually froze everything.

So, sadly, I've run out of patience, incentive, and lack the skills and knowledge to take this any further, and am somewhat wary of U9.10 now anyway. There have been mumblings in the press that it might be sensible to wait a month or so until enough fixes have hit the repository to make it as solid as 9.04 now seems to be. I have used 9.04 since it was released and have had almost no issues with it at all.

Good luck with your attempts though!