right now for some odd reason i have an issue with my wireless card. It's just started happening yesterday. Now the issue is for some reason i'll appear to be still online even though i am not. Then about 5min or so into it, i'll look and try to go to a page such as google.com. As the page doesn't work but is just continually loading i know there's something wrong. So i reboot and it's working again. Well most of the time it is. I normally notice it after some amount of time. I'm not sure how much as i'm not really doing too much with the net so there's no way to know how long it's out before i find out.

OS:Ubuntu 9.10 x86-x64
Model:Asus G51Vx-Rx05

It seems to just be happening so i'm confused by it. I went and looked at my router and it seems to be behaving wacky but i'm unsure if it's correct as a reset seems to fix it. I will be calling them tomorrow to see if they'll finally come out here.