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Thread: weird stuff with network

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    weird stuff with network

    I'm using BT router, few win2003 servers and few Ubuntu 8.04 servers 2 eth in each server, problem is with one of ubuntu server its changes IP's by it self.
    Servers are on DHCP client and BT router is setup as DHCP server, and its recognise all server host names and IPs. This BT router also let me set this particular server IP as fixed IP, but it doesn't work with only one server when I set these IP's after moment its changes IP to something else. eg
    after insall i set in router IPs eth0 and eth1 (ext IP) but after few moments when i checked router its didnt recognise one of eth. after network restart its assign new IPs eth0 and eth1

    New devices added to BT should should assign internal IP 192.168.1.X but that server both eth changes to ext IP

    Server is fresh ilstalled version.

    Thank you.

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    Re: weird stuff with network

    never mind it was an network card driver issue.


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