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Thread: Silvaco Package Installation

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    Silvaco Package Installation

    Hi guys.
    I'm an absolute beginner in Ubuntu/linux system.
    Need to install the Silvaco Simulation Package,... unfortunately, after reading and trying for whole 3 days I fail to make any sense of how to get it installed and running.

    Someone else asked this before years ago, but thread was locked since the moderator decided it is an illegal software:

    This particular copy is not a hacked/cracked/illegal software. It is available for download in, and license has been purchased by my university. I just need to run it in a Linux system. I happen to have ubuntu VM installed, so decided to try to install it. BUT can't imagine it is such a hassle.

    the file comes in the form "07425-tcad-2008-09-rh32.tar.gz".
    Once i extract it, there are folders:

    Can't find any excutable file... and totally stuck.

    thanks in advance for your timeguys.

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    Re: Silvaco Package Installation



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