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Thread: Install ubuntu 9.10 on MacOSX

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    Install ubuntu 9.10 on MacOSX


    Does anyone able to install ubuntu 9.10 on MacOSX?
    I tried (since i am using parallels):

    But after I done with all the steps, ubuntu just stuck in the login screen. Even if i try using 'live cd' on macosx, it won't jump to the desktop. Just stuck in login screen.

    Thank you for any idea.

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    Re: Install ubuntu 9.10 on MacOSX

    I got 9.10 to install in Parallels on OSX (Leopard) but I couldn't get the tools to install (yet somehow the shared network adapter seems to work). I posted in their forums about the issue but nobody from the Parallels team has responded (nice).

    As to your problem, it seems like someone else has that issue w/ Xubuntu 9.10 - no solution though.

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