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Thread: CD/DVD drive lost on HP laptop

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    Unhappy CD/DVD drive lost on HP laptop

    I have a long running problem: My CD/DVD drive doesn't work, and also my USB CD/DVD drive doesn't work. In my Disk & Filesystems panel in System Settings, it lists my CD/DVD drive as mount point: /media/cdrom0, type: auto, device: /dev/

    It is also disabled. When I click "enable" I get the error message:

    "An error occured while enabling /media/cdrom0.

    The system reported: mount: /dev is not a block device.

    What does this mean and how can I fix it? Thanks!

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    Re: CD/DVD drive lost on HP laptop

    Hi I had the same problem.
    Not to experienced in Linux - but after some surfing on the net I kinda understood that this may be related to a scsi / sata issue.

    I installed "scsiadd" from the repository, and after a reboot everything seem to be working.
    (had done some other things before installing this so might not be the correct solution)

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    Re: CD/DVD drive lost on HP laptop

    Actually, the problem turned out to be a hardware failure on the part of HP. A certain series of HP Pavilion lap-tops are prone to overheating and melting the insides of the computer resulting in CD drive failure, wireless failure, and eventually monitor failure. Check the serial number on your computer.


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