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Thread: Problem in Thunderbird!

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    Problem in Thunderbird!

    I have a problem opening mails in thunderbird when i click the mail the message is empty. before it have a message. before im using evolution mail but since then i cannot recieve any message from the webmail but the webmail have lots of new mails.

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    Re: Problem in Thunderbird!

    This happened to a friend of mine as well.

    I'll ask him how he solved it. But I believe that he moved to Evolution to temporarily have email.

    I had Thunderbird, then moved to Evo, then back to Thunderbird (due to a problem that couldn't be solved at the time), then back to Evolution and now everything is peachy.

    Maybe it's a virus of sorts that affects Thunderbird files?

    Will let you know as soon as I get to speak with my friend.

    Hang in there.


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