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Thread: Display resolution problems on laptop

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    Question [SOLVED] Display resolution problems on laptop


    I've got a problem with the resolution on my laptop. I'm running with ubuntu 9.04, and a laptop with Intel's own graphic processor "GMA X3100".

    The problems started after yesterday, when i connected and used a projector with the computer for a while. After i disconnected it, and rebooted, the screen display was 4:3, and not 16:10 (it's a 15,4" 16:10 laptop display).

    The only option i have with 16:10 is 640x400, which anyone knows is far to small , otherwise i can only get 4:3 with for example 1280x1024 (highest).

    I'm fairly new to ubuntu, and would like to know if anyone has a solution for me. Probably what i need is to install different drivers or such?

    Cheers / Simon



    Edit "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" and remove the line "
    Virtual 1152 1632", and the line above and below it. This seems to remove the 4:3 setting that was set when i plugged in the projector.
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