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Thread: MacBook Pro 5,3 Force Eject CD Help

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    MacBook Pro 5,3 Force Eject CD Help

    Hello. I need some help. I was burning Karmic x64 iso to a cd, when I accidentally told Disc Utility in OS X to quit. Now OS X nor Ubuntu Karmic Koala(32bit) recognize the CD at all. I am unable to eject the CD. Does anyone know how to force eject a cd, either in OS X (Snow Leopard) or Ubuntu 9.10? Here is what I have tried so far

    Eject Key in OS X
    Eject Key in Ubuntu
    OS X - terminal "cd eject"
    OS X -terminal "drutil tray eject"
    Reboot and hold mouse button
    Reboot and hold eject button



    EDIT: Yay, I got the cd out. I shut down my mac for a little while, then turned it back on. I pressed down with my hand just over where the cd drive is, and then hit eject. It worked perfectly for me, now I put a new cd in and I am burning ubuntu 9.10 x64 now. Woot!
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    Talking Re: MacBook Pro 5,3 Force Eject CD Help

    Wow, you're not kidding. I tried everything under the sun no matter how silly.

    I Tried Terminal using
    $ drutil list
    - causes the stuck WIN7 DVD disk to mount... spins up and then I see it Finder as WIN_7_HOMEPREMIUM my sidebar
    - keyboard eject button didn't work... it just vaporized from Finder

    So I hit
    $ drutil list
    again, Tried the software eject button in Finder.. FAIL

    So I hit
    $ drutil list
    one more time, this time, I clicked the Software eject button while generally pounding and causing as much ruckus as I could stomach on the area above the optical drive and BOOM out slides the disk.

    I guess these old Macbook Pro1,1's just need a good spanking when they start to get too cozy with the windows paraphernalia.

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