Is there any hope for the nVidia Geforce4 MX class video integrated with the nForce2 chipset? The nVidia "nv" driver included with the standard install is limited to 800X600 resolution. I installed the "recommended" proprietary driver twice, with no success:

Linux Display Driver - x86
Version: 96.43.13
Operating System: Linux x86
Release Date: July 01, 2009

After reboot, the system usually hangs at a corrupted boot screen. When it does boot, there is artifacting and a perpetual "busy" cursor icon. The system is totally unstable.

I have a HP Pavilion 701 CTO with an Athlon 2100+ with integrated nForce2. It's an absolute DINOSAUR! I know it but it works great for a 10 year old nephew who is all about internet video, myspace, and researching the fastest street legal production car on the planet. I'm just sick and tired of having to clean up that OTHER dinosaur; Windows XP SP3. Besides, that OS and all its bloat brings the old timer hardware to its knees. I got his older brother turned on to Ubuntu and now it's his turn.

I'm not adverse to buying an inexpensive graphics card that "just works" with the latest release of Ubuntu but I'm really a Mac guy whose linux knowledge is limited to the search function in these forums. Is there any way to properly configure the existing integrated GPU to work? If so, how? If not, what bare bones minimum cheap graphics card would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,