Hi, im a kind of new at ubuntu but... i think this is not good... i have a lenovo Y530... first i installed Ubuntu 8.04 and i had some issues, but... i solved most of them... a month ago i upgraded to Jaunty and everything got still ok... but yesterday i upgraded to karmic and:
1. I grub I usually get default option.. Ununtu 9.10, kernel like that)
but if i choose this, after grub my lap restarts.... i only get a black screen and then restart, no error messages
2. If I choose another option, different kernel, Ubuntu loads but.... Touchpad is unusable,
Everything si too slow, seems like if i am working at windows with lot of viruses or with a 128MB at Ram PC (My lap actually has 4GB) and last, sound is absolutetly death, if i open an mp3 Ubuntu logs me out or something, cuz i have to log on again

Any ideas for solving these??