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Thread: Karmic Freeze

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    Question Karmic Freeze

    I installed Karmic yesterday to a Dell E510 with two hard drives, one running winxp and the other win vista home premium. Karmic was installed in a partition alongside winxp. The installation went great and I am able to select Winxp, WinVista or Karmic without a hitch.

    I use Firefox to browse the net and usually if I find myself needing to perform a function within Firefox whether it be File or using a Tool, going to bookmarks or anything else Karmic - will freeze. My cursor will move but I have no keyboard function so I must hard shut down the computer to get out of the "dead zone". It will come right back up and work until I try to actually perform some function.

    If I go to Synaptic and attempt to select a program to install or uninstall, the computer will also freeze and I must "hold the start button" to shut down. As a comparison I'm running Hardy on another computer, an HP Pavilion a1220n - dual-booting with WinVista and it runs super. Rarely is there even a glitch.

    The computer I installed Koala on has more memory, a better graphics card, has a dual processor..all reasons why I elected to put Koala on this Dell Vs. doing a clean install to the HP. Plus the idea was to get down to one computer.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Karmic Freeze

    Same thing happened to me. I hate to say this but I had to install Fedora...and I hate rpm distros. But it works fine. What is the world coming to?
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    Angry Re: Karmic Freeze

    Same thing here. Installed on Celeron 2.8 GHz, Asrock 775i945gz, 1GB ram.

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    Re: Karmic Freeze

    The good news is that I wiped out Vista (applause) on one of my Hp Pavilion's hard drives and installed Koala in its place. Runs great. Now I'll have to uninstall Koala on the other computer and deal with the fallout. C'est la vie.

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