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Thread: setting up wired remote access

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    setting up wired remote access

    Hello, i am very new to ubuntu and i need some help.
    i have a small wired network with homeplugs in my house. I have a macbook, xp laptop, NAS and now an old PC with ubuntu 11.10 on it.

    I want to be able to access my ubuntu PC from my xp laptop (maybe even the mac) so i can set it running simple tasks. i use remote access on windows machines for work and i would like to do this at home so i can hide the main PC away somewhere.

    Any tips? i think a program called samba might be the key but i can't find any simple guides.


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    Re: setting up wired remote access

    As an update i have managed to sort out sharing files but i am still stumped on getting the remote desktop working.

    Any clues??

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    Re: setting up wired remote access

    If your using unity type in desktop in the dash and open up desktop sharing,.

    You should be able to set the preferences there for connection.

    You could also use tightvnc on the client winxp end to connect to the 11:10 machine

    Hope this helps

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