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Thread: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Originally Posted by ivanovnegro
    It would be cool to have a tray icon, so, what I do is simply put the EQ on the top panel and can access faster to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lancelot59 View Post
    I just made a launcher for it, and the alsamixer utility. Faster and easier.
    Be great if you guys could explain this; I think it might be exactly what I am looking for to complete my set up! Really hope you come back and help out on this one

    I wish I could explain what it was I did to finally get my sound working perfectly on my system so that I might be able to help others out!

    Ubuntu community is awesome!!

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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    the preamp is missing in my eq... does anyone know why this would occur I am running 11.10
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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Thank you for the pulseaudio script!!

    -one love

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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Is there any where to get presets for the eq?

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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Can someone give me the package download link? for some reason when I try using the code provided, it says not found.

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