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No offense, but running as root is pure insanity. If you're new to Ubuntu, I recommend you stop using root and do some research into how user permisisons work on Unix-based systems. If you're aware of the risks, etc. and it's a conscious choice, that's fine.

Edit "/usr/bin/pulseaudio-equalizer" and remove the section that does a check for root (searching for the term "root" should do). If you need further assistance as a result of the script not working from root, you'll need to look elsewhere, sorry.
Just to let you know pulseaudio-eq not found in maverick repos at this time. I installed from lucid repo---no gui. I assume you must be working on this-program works great in lucid.Thank you for your efforts with this.
I triple boot-ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 beta, winxp pro