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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Thanks, the equalizer script works just fine! After some fine-tuning I actually find my old headphones barely acceptable again! Points for that!

    And the new Pulseaudio equalizer... I downloaded the newer pulseaudio from here:
    However, there is no file in the pulseaudio package. Therefore, I can't test script, nor the "newer and better" equalizer. So ATM I'm using 0.9.21 and pulseaudio-equalizer deb from the first post.

    Has anyone managed to get the Python script working on 9.10 64-bit?

    EDIT: There doesn't seem to be the missing DBUS module in nevions PPA neither... Back to square one. I also tried to compile Pulseaudio from git, but still nothing...
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