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Thread: Synaptics touchpad tap/click style.

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    Synaptics touchpad tap/click style.

    In relation to another post I made here, I've noticed with the upgrade to Karmic that the click style has changed somewhat for my Synaptics touchpad. I've discovered that the change is system-wide and not limited to Firefox.

    Until now, a two-finger tap on my tab was equivalent to a middle-click. Now, a three-finger tap is the middle-click and a two-finger tap is a right click.

    Does anyone know how to permanently change this behavior? The two-finger tap has been a default middle-click on a Synaptics touchpad for as long as I've been using laptops with them, and I'd rather stick with what I'm comfortable using. I thought I'd be able to open xorg.conf and change some settings, but much to my surprise, xorg.conf is apparently a thing of the past.

    zero@zero-laptop:~$ xinput list
    [other, seemingly unrelated hardware listed]
    "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"    id=7    [XExtensionPointer]
        Type is TOUCHPAD
        Num_buttons is 12
        Num_axes is 2
        Mode is Relative
        Motion_buffer is 256
        Axis 0 :
            Min_value is 1472
            Max_value is 5472
            Resolution is 1
        Axis 1 :
            Min_value is 1408
            Max_value is 4448
            Resolution is 1
    EDIT: I would also like to note that the correct device is identified by the system and it does respond to tapping and all inputs - just not the way it always has nor the way I want it to continue to. I'm not sure when or why this change was implemented, but I would like to return to old (familiar) behavior.
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