I have this ZTE MF626 3G modem, which works flawessly on my netbook. However, yesterday I installed Karmic on a Thinkpad T40, and the same modem doesnt get recognized when I plug it. I know the modem is ok, because I plugged it back on my netbook and worked ok. Also (this may be related) I was unable to install from a -usb stick, it froze in the middle of the install. Any ideas what might be wrong? Im leaning towards a problem with the USB ports, but I would like to know what the more knowdelgeable guys here (meaning, anyone besides me... ) can advice.



EDIT: It doesnt even get recognized as a ZeroCD, its just like if it didnt exist. lsusb doesnt display anything regarding the modem. And, when I restarted it with the modem plugged, it gave a message along the lines of having problem with enumerating the USB device.... whatever that means.