How is it that the bug in networkmanager/pptp-plugin that causes this error message - "the vpn connection 'xxxxxx' failed because there were no valid vpn secrets" - is STILL NOT FIXED? This has been a known issue with gnome since the the Ubuntu 8.10 alpha. We have now gone 3 full releases where this is broken.

I have tried both x86 and x64 installs of Ubuntu 9.10, with a number of purported "fixes" or workarounds for this issue, with no success. I use my Ubuntu-installed laptop as my main business work tool. I HAVE to have PPTP and VPNC connectivity to connect to client sites. Which is why I'm still stuck on 8.04.

While I know my way around the linux cli, I don't have the inclination to waste time on the cli when there's a GUI interface that should, and used to, do the job.

Will this critical networking component STILL BE BROKEN when the 10.4 LTS release rolls around?