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Krunge, please can you help, i've compiled 0.9.9 x11vnc and added "/home/vladimir/x11vnc -o /var/tmp/x11vnc_test.log -forever -bg" to /etc/gdm/Init/Default on a 9.10, but even after reboot it still quits after loggin in.
Is this really the end of it?
07/12/2009 17:46:10 check_xrandr_event: no change detected.
07/12/2009 17:46:10 check_xrandr_event: updating config...
07/12/2009 17:46:10 check_xrandr_event: current  WxH: 1440x900
07/12/2009 17:46:10 check_xrandr_event(): returning control to caller...
I don't see any messages indicating that a client has connected, but you say it it fails after you log in.

Also, please examine /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old for any indication that your X server is crashing.

Perhaps use "-oa /var/tmp/x11vnc_test.log" instead of "-o" to have the log append (i.e. maybe what you sent was for a restarted X server and it overwrote the log for the actual failure.)