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Thread: USB and external HD not mounting

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    Re: USB and external HD not mounting

    Quote Originally Posted by maldonsailor View Post
    I am glad you said that, and that it isn't just me. I had Hardy Heron and upgraded through 8.10 to Karmic, and I'm finding it very disappointing - a bit of a lame duck. Shame. Would Jaunty Jackalope allow me to see these drives? Thank you for your advice.
    Try it and see is the only way to find out. I didn't actually use 8.10 so I can't compare directly but in my experience Jaunty is very "well sorted" with very few "new" issues compared with older versions in general - unlike Karmic.

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    Re: USB and external HD not mounting

    I'm sporting a usbless Karmic as well. Its takin my webcam out too!!! ref thread:

    The bug number is: #445160

    The URL to report the bug is:

    Please report your bugs so the community knows its out there and can fix it.


    P.S. It seems to me the nature of this problem is somewhat intermittent, and can be fixed by a program that regularly scans the usb system. Suggestions?

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