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Good news on the ACPI namespace read as mentioned in the HP hosted thread:


Just hope it's accepted quickly.

That'll make the machine rather more functional.

I'm not avoiding answering the question about the powerboost- I really don't know if the machine is using it when called on to do so- It is so fast that very little of what I do lasts long enough to really push the machine into that kind of operation. That'll change as I change the way I work.
The only thing I do that takes any CPU, honestly, is to do a listc of the 'sys1.' namespace on my Hercules instance and that takes... Less than a second.
I'm going to be reloading the laptop with original software when the install disks come in that I can do patching (another firmware patch is rumored "just around the corner" and also do a more intelligent job of partitioning- just blasting everything away has had a price!
No problem. So is that a kernel update that would have to be distributed to all of the distros? Because I know that Ubuntu, at least, never uses the latest kernel until the next release out.