Hello people !

A few months ago I've added the cRPG game Torchlight under the "maybe" list of native Linux games because it was developed with Ogre3D and will have a MacOSX version.

Now that the game is finally out for Windows, it's time to make your voices heard in favor of the Linux port !

In a thread I've found on their website , more then a few people already voted their support for the Linux client : http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=901 .
The developers however didn't answer their potential costumers.

I've sent an P.M to one of the developers :


I've send an email to runic games a few months ago but got no replay.
I've registred to the forums and posted about it but also none got an official replay.

I was wondering if you are planing on porting Torchlight to Linux.
Ogre3D is cross platform and porting the game should be no problem, there are even people who wish to help you do so if you don't have the time.

Is there a chance for a Linux client for Torchlight ?

Thanks in Advance

And even got a replay :


Unfortunately we do not have any linux plans decided at this time. I think some people are trying to get it working under WINE but I have not heard much about it (there are a few threads going on that if you want to look). We do have a FAQ page on the website which does have our official statement on other operating systems too, its a bit far down though.



So it's not a definite "NO" , a Linux native client still have a chance.
So vote your support on their website and there might be a Linux client !