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Thread: Eudora on Hardy Heron - importing and multiuser

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    Question Eudora on Hardy Heron - importing and multiuser

    I am trying to port over from W2K and am a die hard Eudora fan.

    I have installed the latest Eudora (8.0.0b3) on Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy Heron). I am having two real pain in the neck issues:

    1) In W2K, I could use one Eudora installation for multiple users simply by editing the properties to point at a different folder. A single install, but multiple users. I cannot seem to get this to work here as any changes I make to one icon affect the paths, user login names, etc of the other(s). Is there a way to do this?

    2) I need to import old messages and address books from the W2K install. I tried the Eudora import function, but it is either totally non-functional or does not recognize the file formats on the Windows side even though I am using Eudora there as well. Is this at all possible?

    If it is not going to happen with Eudora (gasp!) can anyone recommend a mail reader that is as close as possible to Eudora? I do not want to use gmail or any online mail, so local only please.

    Thanks a lot :O)
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    Re: Eudora on Hardy Heron - importing and multiuser this really that hard?

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