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Thread: 9.10 - Genius webcam slim 321c

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    Genius webcam slim 321c is not working.

    lsusb gives me this:

    Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0458:7020 KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems) Sim 321C

    lovely now i have a shape-shifting webcam... or shall i call it a paperweight...

    does anyone know any fix for this?
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    Re: 9.10 - Genius webcam slim 321c

    From exhaustive research & googling I found that there were two projects developing drivers for Ali chipset based (I believe yours is) webcams. Both of these seem to have died.
    The problem is that the chipset manufacturers are not interested in spending money developing & maintaining drivers for use by a small number of end users. Neither will the release data sheets to those who would develop a driver.
    The answer, as with all hardware for use under linux, is to check compatibility first & buy what is supported & known to work.
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