Dear people,

I've just spent my past fifteen hours trying to resolve some video-memory related issue, while at the same time playing Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R. 2 and Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu_12.04_64-bits with Catalyst_13.3-beta3 under Wine_1.5.26, PlayOnLinux_4.2 and Steam itself, but for some reason F.E.A.R. 2 and at random Battlefield 2 will crash stating that there's not enough video memory, or vram and that "384MB" is not enough? How can this be possible with an +2GB graphics card running without any form of anti-aliasing and everything set to either low or off, while AMD Catalyst reports a stunning 2048MB of dedicated video memory which I might add is fully correct?

All mentioned 3D-applications have been run with Wine/ PlayOnLinux and will crash at random stating that there's not enough video memory, vram.

P8P67 DELUXE B3, i7-2600K, 8GB, NH-D14, HD6970, RAiD 0+1, BD-RE, HX850, DEFiNE R3, UBUNTU 12.04

Thanks in advance