Hi there,

I have just installed Karmic and first of all I would like to say kudos, I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary and never before has it felt so polished.

Now onto my question, in my server I have a number of HDDs (11 I think) and out of this number there are only 6 or so that I use on a regular basis, the others are used for archiving etc. A couple of these are also incredibly loud so on Jaunty I would set all the hdparm preferences in rc.local and after 5 minutes most of them would shut off and only fire up when needed. I did the same in Karmic and they do all power down however after a brief period they all spin up again without warning, only to power down again after the standby time I set. I think this is the Disk Utility polling them for SMART information so I was wondering whether there was a way to disable SMART for inactive drives or am I going to have to disable SMART in the BIOS for the drives I would like to sleep?