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Thread: Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

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    Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

    Hi there, it's been a while

    Was wondering, any of you guys have Unbuntu running on the Vaio FW series? Experienced any issues with the installation or setting up the wireless connection? I just bought one and I've been thinking about installing Ubuntu.

    Wireless is a pain in the butt as it is in Vista
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    Re: Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

    I just dumped vista on my FW190E. Most of my hardware worked after installing the live cd, the first thing was to get my graphics card (ATI radeon) updated, had to wire (wireless wasnt working yet) to the internet, download all the updates and all was cool - full 3d graphics. I followed this very good blog: and finally got my system to see 4gigs, run wireless, working camera, touchpad, full surround sound, all jacks working (sd, ect).

    It runs great, cant get it to crash, and everything is ultra fast.

    the only problems Im working on is to get the brightness & Fn keys to work, internal mic, and suspend/hibernate

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    Re: Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

    sorry bud, but i cant find info about internal mic in the link above

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    Re: Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

    I Just Installed Kubuntu 9.04 64bit on vaio FW378j. Every thing works out of the box. Wifi is working. Bluetooth is perfect.
    I had to install pulse audio volume utilities. Hd content plays flawlessly although i haven't tried blueray yet but downloaded HD mkv files play well in mplayer.

    The first bug appeared when I installed ATI driver.The system wont restart or shutdown normally.

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    Re: Ubuntu and Vaio FW series

    I have a FW490. Installed 9.04 w/o a problem. Most things worked out of the box (wireless, camera, sound, trackpad). I haven't tried bluetooth yet.

    The two nagging issues I have right now are:

    1) The sensitivity of tapping on touchpad is too high (get random clicks). I lowered this, but it keeps changing by itself. Sometimes too sensitive, sometimes I can barely get it to click.

    2) Both suspend and hibernate, do not resume correctly. I get a blank screen with a mouse cursor, but cannot do anything (other than hit the power button). Real bummer, as I'd like to have suspend working to save the battery consumption.

    Would be interested in hearing any solutions to these issues. I'll check the link mentioned to see if there are any solutions.



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