I have an ASUS A7Sn laptop with ubuntu 9.04 installed.
For a long time I have ran into trouble with every distro I used and every time it comes down to the multimedia experience... because of that I kicked linux for a while.
Still the windows does it way better for me, but I just want to use linux.

Yesterday installed it back(ubuntu 9.04).
Now I finaly found by accident how the problem comes. My system freezes/stutters only when I use(move) my USB mouse (wired optical) or any other external device that is active on my USB port. A read/write action on my external USB hdd for example. It gets worse when using multiple USB (external) devices. I also know that the webcam is a USB internal device.

Looked on the google thing, and yup... more people with the same trouble, but no clear answers. Seems to be something with IRQs, anyone can help me on this one?

Greetz from an unhappy Preihoofd who's slowly getting sick of not getting any distro to work on his machine...