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Thread: Blue Screens with Ubuntu 9.04

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    Blue Screens with Ubuntu 9.04

    I am currently running XP PRO SP3 on an IBM Thinkpad A31 (P4 1.6 M, 512 PC 2700 DDR ram, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 16 megs, dsl internet). I am experiencing so many MS Windows blue screens as to make this OS unusable. As a fairly new Linux experimenter, if I use Ubuntu 9.04 either as a live cd, eventually installing it to this laptop, will I experience any blue screens? I know I can use the live cd as a rescue vehicle to save material on my "C" drive so I assume not, just want to verify, put my brain at ease. Thanks.

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    Wink Re: Blue Screens with Ubuntu 9.04

    Blue screens are patented by Microsoft, so you will not experience any !
    When the livecd recognised your hardware ok, you will be fine installing on hd.

    goodluck P.


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