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Thread: buying New GPU, better to wait?

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    buying New GPU, better to wait?

    Hey Guys,

    Im thinking about getting a new GPU (HD 4550 or something like that).
    But I know that there are are a lot of issues, with ubuntu as well as the vendors.. So simply question: should I buy a new GPU now, or just wait a bit longer 'til everything is settled nicely again?

    And, if I would buy a new one, is Nvidia still the better option, or is Ati just as well at this stage?
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    Re: buying New GPU, better to wait?

    At this stage, nVidia is the better option, but that may be changing.

    As for waiting, the video card world never settles. nVidia will be getting the 300 series cards out pretty soon (either q4 2009 or q1 2010) and with them everything changes- new process, new core, new memory (and probably new drivers, I would guess thatt he current 185.xx.xx Vidia drivers will end up beign legacy, with the 300s getting all new drivers)


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