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Thread: Aspire One AO751h-1192

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    Aspire One AO751h-1192

    I just got an Acer Aspire One AO751h-1192 and installed Ubuntu 9.04 on it. Some problems:
    • When I try to change the screen brightness, it shows the slider with the sun icon pretending to obey me but it never actually changes the brightness of the screen. The power management preference for setting display brightness doesn't actually change anything either, just pretends to.
    • Flash videos are horrendously slow. I'm assuming this means there's no 3D acceleration, even though it's an Intel card -- Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500.
    • The only available resolution is 1024x768. In Windows XP it can do 1366x768.
    • The internal microphone doesn't work. Haven't found a way to test the webcam to see if it works yet.
    • Can't resume after suspending. This isn't a big deal though, I'll just hibernate.
    • When I set it to hibernate on closing the lid, it doesn't -- I have to hibernate manually.

    I read in a review that something called "the psb driver" enables full resolution in ubuntu for this computer. Where can I find info on that?

    Any ideas?

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