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Thread: problems with laptop running nvidia 9650m gt

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    Re: problems with laptop running nvidia 9650m gt

    Quote Originally Posted by pistacoppu View Post
    xwang if you have some time, can you please try to install 195 or 190 drivers via ppa, and tell me if gives you any error.
    I have the M50V laptop (M/B version M50VN) running Ubuntu 9.04 with NVIDIA
    GeForce 9650M GT card. I have experienced same quite serious problems with recent Nvidia drivers - image flickering, random freezing after some time spent in Xorg. Strange enough, I have never experienced any problems with an external monitor. These problem always appeared only on the laptop screen.
    Two days ago, I have tried the BIOS update described in this thread (to version 212 downloaded from the ASUS website).
    And so far, it really seems that it had resolved my troubles.
    I am now running the 190.53 NVIDIA driver from NVIDIA website.

    If the behaviour finally changed, I will let you know, but so far so good!


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    Re: problems with laptop running nvidia 9650m gt

    hello !!!!

    I don't think so that this problem is due to the 185 driver as this can happen with the virus i thing you can restore your laptop for some previous session.


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    Re: problems with laptop running nvidia 9650m gt


    I've had all sorts of problems with drivers for this card since Karmic. The last time it worked well for me was in Jaunty using the 180 drivers. I've been trying to install the 180 drivers in Lucid. They're in the repos, I have them installed, but I can't activate them for some reason. I'm still stuck with the 173 drivers for any sort of 3D functionality, and they're kinda slow for some reason, and also cause random freezes when playing openGL games like World of Goo. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Maybe we need to petition nVidia for better support of this card? Lots of Asus laptops (and presumably others) in the past 2 years shipped with this one.
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    Re: problems with laptop running nvidia 9650m gt

    virus? no idea what that is. ha ha ha...

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