I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop. The problem is that, when the install starts the resolution is set to 1600x1200 and it is too big fit on screen so I can't see all of the window on screen.
So I was able to install it somehow and thought that maybe I can change it later. when the installation was finished, I went to change the resolution and all the options I tried there messed up my screen. I mean all the color were like lines or scrambled pixels and I couldn't see anything it was a big mess.
So I want to ask what causes this, my hardware or drivers. Its hard to do something when I can' see the whole screen. And i tried changing the resolution and did a restart to see if that helped. But now I'm stuck at this ugly screen and I can't change it back. It was fine when running Windows XP.
Unfortunately I don't know the specs of this computer.