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Thread: Ubuntu with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

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    Question Ubuntu with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520


    I've never dealt with Linux/Ubuntu before. I'm a complete newbie in this sphere. However, I got interested in the OS and recently I decided to give it a try. I have DELL INSPIRON 1520 laptop with Windows XP installed on it. I watched lots of videos, read lots of articles and found out that people face lots of issues when installing Ubuntu on the following laptop. Before installing it I have some questions.
    1. How can I install Ubuntu by using Windows XP(and without damaging XP itself)I'd like to use dual boot..
    2. After installing Ubuntu do I have to install any drivers ?
    3. If I do - where can I download those ?
    4. Do I need to configure the hardware for my laptop to function properly.. ?

    Thank you in advance

    BTW, planning to install Ubuntu 8.04.3 32 bit Desktop version
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    Re: Ubuntu with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

    Go for it! Even if xp is ok - ubuntu is way better. I have a dell xps m1530 and it had Vista. i say no more. 2 days ago i put in Vista as a virtual box - but what a drag! updates and installs for days - no kidding - and now the system takes about 20G on my box.
    Just wait a week, so the new 9.10 release is out. It's got some great improvements, download on a live-cd, burn on cd or on usb-stick. Check the download/burn with its own check-app. Install and update - you should have a physical net-conn - no wifi on this start-session. And since its one week away you could download the 9.04 release and play with that for a while - i have this and it's been tested thoroughly - and you can upgrade later.

    Since Ubuntu is open source - you should look at this link

    to get mp3, flash and a lot of other goodies, just like you have done with xp.

    I think its best to do the install from boot, hit f2 or f12, to install from other than hard-disk. Then you'll have all the power-functions going.
    This will give you a dual boot with xp still on the box. To be sure; make a back-up before install, but i don't think you will need it.

    The hole thing is done in a couple of hours with all the extras. I would go for the default partition setup at first - you can tweak later - play around with it and I'm sure you'll be convinced its the only way to go.

    I found this link you should read:

    I bet you'll kick out xp after 6-8 mnths. Ubuntu is more responsive - boots faster - no virus - free - more fun!

    You'll find lots of info on this forum about more than you can chew. A lot of really interesting stuff if you like to surf.

    Good luck and have fun

    Whats next?

    dell XPS m1530, 4G ram, nvidia 8600m gs
    ubuntu mostly trying the latest release

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    Re: Ubuntu with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

    Test first with a Live CD. Check if everything seems ok (wireless, sound, video) before proceeding. If you see problems, try a later Ubuntu version. There can be a difference.

    If you are satisfied with how Ubuntu supports your hardware and proceed with the installation, the Ubuntu installer will detect your windows XP and suggest size for the XP partition (You might want to use a bit more for XP than it suggests). The rest of the way is pretty hands off, except questions about user name, password, etc.

    Google for dual boot XP and Ubuntu tutorials for step by step. There are many.

    It is also a good idea to defrag XP before installing the dual boot system.
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    Re: Ubuntu with Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

    omarly,Dennis N thanks for the help Okay, I'll wait till the next version comes out.
    Hopefully such functions as wireless, bluetooth, DVD-RW,touchpad and other basic stuff will work. Btw, about Live CD. I can test the OS before installing it to see if the hardware is working properly, right ?
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