I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with Ubuntu 9.10 RC installed. This error also happened with Ubuntu 9.04. It did not happen when 8.04 was installed.

At seemingly random moments, my screen will turn black with horizontal green lines that appear to vibrate up and down. The regular windows screen is not visible. If the speakers are on (as opposed to muted and turned down), a crackle also happens simultaneously with the screen change. The computer fails to respond forcing me to hard reboot.

It does not seem to matter what I am doing or the program that is running. It has happened while typing in Open Office and scrolling a news article with Firefox. I was once sorting music in Rhythmbox.

The only thing I've noticed in common is that this always happens sometime after the computer wakes up after being suspended. It has not happened, as far as I remember, before it has been suspended.

The bug reporting page asks that I identify the application to report it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what could be the cause. Is it a kernel error? A bad video card driver (Intel, if you're wondering)? I have looked at some of the logs at /var/log but do not notice any errors in the logs. Then again, I will admit to not knowing what I'm looking for, except the word error.

Do you have any tips on how I can narrow down what could be the cause of the problem so I can properly report the bug?