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Thread: Upgrading Laptop processor

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    Upgrading Laptop processor

    hi there,

    i have got a Fujitsu siemens amilo l7320 Laptop which is getting on for a few years now, and i was wondering whether i could upgrade it's processor since it is starting to slow up, it has a celeron m in it but i dont know what socket it has and whether it can be upgraded or not..

    please can someone help me since i dont really want to go out buying a brand new laptop.
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    Re: Upgrading Laptop processor

    Laptop cpu are often hardwired, ie soldered to the mobo & not a diy job to upgrade.

    it is starting to slow up
    Do you mean your system is slowing up ?
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    Re: Upgrading Laptop processor

    It means that softwere is more hungry for power.

    I had celeron m 2500, fsb400, socket 478

    rekomanded any p4-mobilee (35watt) above 2.1Ghz with socket 478.

    now how fast is yours motherboard:
    fsb - 400
    fsb - 533
    fsb - 800 ?

    fastest with fsb 400 is 2.6 Ghz

    about 20e on ebay,


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