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Thread: hardware issues

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    hardware issues

    hey all

    I've been on Ubuntu for a couple months now, and love it. I have a few minor issues though.
    -when told to "shut down" ubuntu cannot turn my computer off. Randomly it will do a full power down, but more often then not it will shut down the os and halt at a blank screen, and I have to hold the power button down to fully power down.
    - My system seems to run really loud on ubuntu, the fans are almost always turning full speed, is there a reason for this? and is there any way to control their speed? Under windows the system runs much quiter, and windows has a much larger hardware footprint.

    thanks for your time guys

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    Re: hardware issues

    Both of those issues have to do with faulty power management, I think. Both of them are also things the Linux mavens have pretty much dealt with, and they shouldn't be giving you this kind of trouble. A search that includes "ubuntu APIC shutdown" (no quotes) should lead to some info. I'll dig around and see if anything plausible shows up. I had that same problem under Feisty or Gutsy and solved it by just, um, holding down the power button .

    I know I've seen threads about the fan issue a year or two ago. Searches for "ubuntu APIC fan" or "ubuntu fan always on" may be useful?? You've probably already tried that?

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