Here in this source -

It says -

R100/R200 (Radeon 7000 – Radeon 9250) and R300/R400/R500 (Radeon 9500 – Radeon X1950) class chips:


R600/R700 class chips (Radeon HD 2300 – Radeon HD 4890):

Which means that R300/R400/R500 has the graphs chips Radeon 9500 to Radeon X1950

and R600/R700 has chips Radeon HD 2300 – Radeon HD 4890

I have RS690 chipset which must belong to R600/R700 category and has x1270 card...which is strictly against what that page states.

It also states that R300/R400/R500 contains all chips till x1950 which is also wrong.

Now the official wiki page about AMD GPU -

Confirms that RS690 has x1200 graphs chip which is supposed to be related to x1270 (but the drivers don't work)

We also have a separate page for the 690 series chipsets -

Which confirms that RS690M has x1270 graphs chip.

Now...I've realized that no drivers except the opensource radeon drivers work; I wanna know if my 3-d is stable in accordance to the developers or not... cause I really don't know which category my chip belong to following all this.

I even have a feeling that R600 is very different from RS690; and I think the developers do not know about this...or do they?