Hi, buddies.
Just installed this nice ubuntu yesterday... and about to get back to Winz
Why? I use my lapt to see movies at my HD ready TV. It appeared, that my Compaq has nice output - looks like S-Fideo, but de-facto with special adaptor id delivers component output to the TV with cool quality - like 560i.
Well, it did deliver . Now it, with nice ubuntu it is not. I spend my night searching forums and trying to understand xorg.conf, man randr and man intel, but didn't manage to output more than S-Video (848x480) to my stupid Panasonic Vierra.
I'm about to drop back, if somebody wouldn't help me.
In WZ it worked perfectly - I had nice icon at the tray, I click it and see different TV output modes, up to 1080p for subj chipset....