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Thread: hard drive format

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    hard drive format

    i just bought windows 7 (i know, you all hate me) and im trying to install it from my laptop running ubuntu 9.04 linux. when i get to the install stage i get the message "windows setup cannot find a location to install temporary files". i believe this is because my hard drive partition is not in NTFS format, therefore windows cannot attach its files to it. so my question is, how do i remove ubuntu AND make my hard drive NTFS format. i plan on removing ubuntu and performing a clean install of win7, i just need a format that is NTFS first!! i think you can maybe do this with gparted, but im not sure. thx!

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    Re: hard drive format

    You can reformat with the windows 7 disc. You did buy a full version, right? An upgrade isn't going to work... smoothly...

    Edit: Oh, and I don't hate you. I've been running Windows 7 Professional on my girlfriend's desktop for over a month now. It's an improvement over Vista, but I don't see what the big deal is. Then again, I don't really see all the issues with Vista. Both operating systems are absolute memory hogs though.


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