I recently installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my desktop. Now at first glance everything seemed to be Ok. My computer has two sound cards, one is integrated Nvidia soundcard and second one is Creative X-FI. First I plugged my speakers on to my X-Fi card which I downloaded drivers for. How ever I did not manage to bring out any audio out of it. Then I realised that my integrated Nvidia sound device was also active, so I plugged my speakers on to that one and voilá I had sound. So I jumped on to Bios and disabled the onboard audio device and booted back. As soon as I plugged my speakers back to X-FI, I had sound again. Now, when after couple of days, I rebooted my machine and tried to play sound, it failed. When I checked the sound devices I noticed that it had lost the X-Fi and Nvidia sound cards?

So my question is, how can I check what happened to my X-FI and more important how I can restore it ?=)