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Thread: Why does Evolution keep narrowing my fields?

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    Why does Evolution keep narrowing my fields?

    Ever since I went the upgrade path to Jaunty, I've had a peculiar behavior with Evolution.

    When I open Evolution, it takes the left-hand set of fields (with all of my email folders and the mail/contacts/calendars/tasks/memos buttons) and compresses them to the far left of the screen. I can manually pull them back out where I want them, but the next time I open Evolution... *bam* there it is... condensed again.

    How do I get it to "hold" the field width after I resize it manually?

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    Re: Why does Evolution keep narrowing my fields?

    Because Evo is kinda wonky. Mine's doing the same thing recently. I'm assuming it's a bug and it will be fixed in some future update. Motorola V400|HP ZE4200|Xilinx Native
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