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Thread: Zenuty --confirm-overwrite

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    Zenity --confirm-overwrite

    Hi not sure if this is really the right place for this but here goes...
    How can I make this:

    #Move multiple files
    toHere=`zenity --multiple --file-selection --directory`
    mv $moveThis $toHere
    so that it will not over-write a file if it is there ( I am new to this as you can probably tell)
    I tried
    toHere=`zenity --multiple --file-selection --save --confirm-overwrite --directory'
    using all sorts of scenarios.. meaning moving the --save and --confirm-overwrite in different positions what happens is I do get the dialog and it will not move nothing when I click ok (the dialog still stays) however when I click cancel it will move one of the 2 files, I tried it with 3 files, 2 that were in the spot I was moving to and one not, when I click ok nothing, then when click cancel nothing. Any help or pointing me in a direction that might be able give me help will be appriciated, thanks!
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    Re: Zenity --confirm-overwrite

    I believe the --confirm-overwrite option only makes sense when selecting files, not directories. Instead you could check whether the directory is empty or not in bash, and use a zenity --question if it's not empty.

    How to check if a directory is empty or not is explained here

    Also, remember to "quote" pattern expansions.
    mv "$moveThis" "$toHere"
    Without quotes, you'll get undesired results if either of the variables contains path names with spaces. This has an explanation of why

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