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Thread: hp laserjet 1020

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    hp laserjet 1020

    I'm having trouble with my HP Laserjet 1020. I'm running Karmic beta, but had the same problem under Jaunty...

    If I plug the printer in, it seems to install fine. It uses the Foomatic driver. To print, I have to uncheck "sharing".

    Now, I can print text documents and such, but it has trouble with large jobs. If I try to print google's homepage (49k), it takes about 20 seconds to send to the printer, but eventually it does print. Lots of pages have more graphics and are much larger in size, and don't print at all. They go in the print queue, and then disappear after a bit without a blip from the printer.

    Has anyone had this problem? Am I using the wrong driver? What's going on?


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    Re: hp laserjet 1020



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