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Thread: Experience with configuring Kensington and other trackballs

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    Question Experience with configuring Kensington and other trackballs

    Hi all,

    I am seriously thinking about buying this Kensington trackball. Given that it is quite expensive I`d like to make sure I`ll bee able to use it with Ubuntu.

    I found some threads here and also some useful-looking HowTos on other places, but seeing that these didn`t really worked for some people and also that some of these information will probably be already outdated I would like to ask you to share your experience with me and with the others here in an up-to-date thread.

    It would be important for me to make working at least the 2 basic buttons and the "scrolling button".

    I am interested both in positive and negative opinions but would like to ask you to link the source webpage which helped you (or that one which doesn`t) to configure this trackball.

    If you know about any other trackball which has the scrolling function/button and is working with Ubuntu please let me know here too.

    I`m using a Ubuntu 9.04 (will be upgraded to 9.10) with a IBM/Lenovo R60e.

    Thank you for all the info you can share with me.

    /How can I click the "scrolling button" on this one ??? /
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    Re: Experience with configuring Kensington and other trackballs

    I finally ordered one and got it yesterday. It works out of the box. The bottom buttons are the left and right clicks. The top left button is the middle click and the top right is a back button, in a browser, or right mouse click otherwise. The scroll around the track ball is easy and smooth, a lot easier and more comfortable than I was expecting. The buttons are easily accessible and the track ball is comfortable. With the wrist pad attached I have to say that it is likely the best mouse I have ever used, remember thought that it is my first day of use.

    A little background. I am a developer for the last 20 years and have used many different mice, my latest being a logitech thumb ball that I have used for about 15 years Logitech TrackMan. My hand is too large for it and lately my wrist started hurting to the point that I had to make a change. I considered the Logitech Optical TrackMan but I don't like wireless mice so I decided to take a chance on the Kensington, a decision I do not think I will regret.

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