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    Smile My dissappointment

    First I'd like to say that I have missed useing Unbuntu. I have been learning a couple of programs that require a different OS that are related to my work as a musician. To make a long story shorter I built a second computer and loaded it with Unbuntu. I utilized an ASUS M3a76-CM motherboard that is loaded with ATI video and realteck audio and is relatively inexpensive.
    For the first time, I saw Unbuntu crash. I got a report bug message when trying to load the graphic driver for the added Nvidia 9600, (which worked well with Unbuntu before), and sound did not work at all. I could not report the bug because I could not get it to work. For the time being I am loading Unbuntu on our old laptop... So heads up peoples I am pretty sure it is the ASUS motherboard...

    Hold on, I just checked the Asus site and they do in fact have Linux drivers for this board!!!!
    sooooooo Never mind )
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